Virtual office.

A virtual office is a collective name for several flexible services. Your company will benefit from the presence of a professional office at just a fraction of the costs of a traditional office. With the help of our international network of selected business centers, you can give your business a local look, no matter where you are in the world.


Professional look from home

Use one of our office addresses as your own virtual office. If you also choose our telephone service, you will always be available by phone with your own regional phone number. Professional handling of your phone calls by one of our telephone operators is of course also possible. And you can also use our business postal addresses and/or visiting addresses.

The advantages of a virtual office at Flexado

All Flexado contracts are flexible with clear and transparent conditions.

Choose a location that is near your clients or conquer a new market. We offer worldwide virtual offices.

Flexado offers the following flexible services:

  1. Professional postal address and/or visiting address;
  2. Service office;
  3. Regional telephone/fax/service number;
  4. Telephone answering service & reception services.

You can make use of various flexible services without having to hire expensive office space. You will save costs, but still have a professional image. 

Combine the services you prefer and put together your own virtual office. You can start straight away!


$50,- Order

Business postal address
A professional business postal and/or visiting address through Flexado. Suitable for registration with the Chamber of Commerce.

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Regional phone number
You can always be reached with our cheap and flexible VoIP telephone services. Put together your own call center in our cloud. 

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Telephone answering service

All your incoming calls are answered
with your company name and dealt
with professionally.

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Create your own virtual office

Get started


When setting up your virtual office, you can manually specify your preferred starting date online. Agreements with Flexado can take effect on each workday of the month. They always end on the last day of the month. 
All our agreements have a notice period of 3 full calendar months towards the end of the (extended) agreement. If you opt for a payment frequency of more than three months, the duration of the agreement is equal to the chosen payment frequency. If the agreement is not cancelled or not terminated in time, the agreement is automaticaly renewed for the same duration.

Additional costs

Flexado is always clear and transparent about additional costs. Upon starting a virtual office you will pay one-off start-up costs and 2 months of deposit. The deposit and start-up costs are charged to your first invoice. Flexado has the right to annually apply a legally allowed indexation over the fixed monthly fee.

File structure

To activate your virtual office, we need the following documents from you before the start date:

  1. A copy of your registration with the Chamber of Commerce (in case of a start-up company, this must be submitted within two weeks after the start date).
  2. A legalized copy of your ID. Legalized means that the copy must have an official stamp, for example from a notary or the local district. It is also possible to do this check via a video connection with Flexado (for example, Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime) or at our headquarters in Houten.

It can occur that additional documents are necessary for the compilation of our internal records. This varies between countries. In our Privacy Policy you can read how we confidentially deal with your details and documents.

After setting up your virtual office online, you can pay your first monthly payment directly via various payment methods. You can select your payment method yourself. 

Payment method

Payment methods include:

  • Payment via iDEAL, Credit Card, Bancontact, SOFORT Banking, PayPal & Bitcoin.
  • Payment via automatic debit (SEPA).
  • If you prefer to pay in monthly terms, then you will pay a surcharge of 5% per month.
  • If you prefer to pay annually, you will receive a 5% discount on the annual amount.