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Do you want a professional image for your business? You can achieve it with the various flexible services provided by Flexado.

We rent out virtual offices, office space and workplaces as well as meeting rooms on a flexible basis and at reasonable rates. Besides that, we can also look after your postal and telephone needs. We offer you the best business locations. In addition, our worldwide network consists of hundreds of business centeres that are available for you to use.

Virtual office

If you work from home, it could be desirable to use a corporate postal address. This way, you will create a first step for your business towards a professional image.

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Meeting rooms

Flexado offers fully-equipped meeting and conference rooms.
Our extensive network of conference rooms makes it possible that we can offer you the best locations.

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Flexado offers fully-equipped work places, conference rooms and day offices, where you can meet other professionals for networking or where you can work quietly. 

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Rent office space

Flexado can help you find suitable office space to where you can grow your business in a professional manner. You can opt for full-time or part-time office space.

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