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Working together with Flexado

An increasing number of entrepreneurs and companies opt for ‘The New World of Work’. Working free of a fixed time and place are the key words here. As a result, traditional office buildings are becoming increasingly a thing of the past. Do you have clients and/or relations for whom flexible office space, meeting space and/or other facilities, such as flexible workplaces are the solution? Send them to Flexado as your dependable Business partner.

Flexado's services

Flexado offers flexible office and meeting space for entrepreneurs and companies who do not want to be tied to a fixed office. By redirecting your clients and/or relations to Flexado, they, too, will experience this convenience. Of course we will advise these leads further within our network with care and attention.

There are more benefits:

  • Redirect your relations and/or clients to a professional international organization.
  • If the company redirected by you becomes a client of Flexado, you will receive an attractive (continuing) compensation.
  • In addition to your regular income through Flexado, clients will increasingly use your available variable services on site, including support and secretarial services, which will increase your income.
  • Use our international network for all your clients and/or relations and also use our services yourself with an attractive partner discount.
  • Renting out does not entail any additional costs: we do not demand an investment from you!

Furthermore, Flexado handles the entire financial settlement for you, including the entire dossier compilation in conformity with the strict legal requirements for each country, invoicing and full debtor management.

You will be paid by Flexado through a monthly settlement, so you do not run any financial risks.

If a client who was redirected by you uses our services, you will receive an attractive percentage of the rental yield. In the case of continuous services such as a virtual office, this is even a periodical compensation.

By entering into a partnership with Flexado, you choose for certainty, more clients and higher revenues. You will keep your own identity, while strengthening your company or brand by offering Flexado’s facilities and services as well.

We not only take over administrative hassle from you, we also made arrangements with the official institution in each country, including the Chamber of Commerce and Tax Authorities, about the services we offer and file creation. So you don’t need to worry about that either!

Contact us

Make an introductory appointment free of obligations with one of our location employees, for more information.

If you are interested in the proven concept of Flexado and want to know more about flexible renting out of your office and meeting spaces, contact us free of obligations to make an appointment. Our telephone number is +31 (0)30 305 0067, or send us an email to sales@flexado.com.

We will gladly inform you on the possibilities of offering your location(s) to our international clients as well.