About Flexado

Flexado has been active since 2010 and has seen tremendous growth during the past years.

Flexado has conquered its own position in the market and has very ambitious goals. Flexado has formed a partnership with Alliance Business Center Network, so that Flexado is now an international organization with various locations worldwide.

Flexado is not a one-off partner such as a web broker or realtor. We prefer to maintain awarm and long-term relationship with all our clients and relations. Our network consists of specially selected locations that our clients can use. It is obvious that also at these locations the high service level that Flexado applies is the basis.

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate all our clients, no matter where in the world, with our services.

Enjoying our work!

At Flexado we enjoy our work. We are a young and enthusiastic company with a unique vision on entrepreneurship. Flexado is much more than just a concept. It is a fantastic company with an enthusiastic team. 

Meet the management

Ramon ten Tije

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Ramon has literally built up Flexado from his garage. 
His vision and goals can be seen and noticed throughout the company daily. 
He is the face of this young and ambitious organization. 
With lots of enthusiasm, Ramon is in daily charge of Flexado

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Brenda van Bueren

Operational manager

Brenda oversees the customer serviceteam at the office in Houten. Her together with her team are happy to answer the questions of our clients and have only one goal in mind: quality.Because of her many years of experience, Brenda the driving force behind the success of Flexado.

Antoinette Snellaars

Business-partner manager

The success of Flexado is based on a good working relationship with all our business partners. Antoinette is the point of contact for our Partner locations within our Flexado / Alliance Network. Each day, she is busy expanding our huge network. And she does it with lots of conviction and pleasure. 

Steven de Jong

Sales & communication

Steven is an important point of contact for the expansion of our network. Steven will not shy away from challenges. Like Antoinette, he has daily contact with our business partners and also provides weekly updates via our social media accounts.

Laura Beekmans

Location manager

Laura is the point of contact for our office in Uden. Laura is also involved in supporting tasks within our management team on a daily basis. Because of her facilities experience, Laura is service-oriented for both our team and our clients.